Launching our inclusion allies programme

by Barry Hoffman

Managing Director, People and Corporate Services

There’s a lot of support across Landsec for our affinity networks (BAME, LGBT+, Women's and Disability & Wellbeing) – we see this in the way we work every day. However, for someone who frequently finds themselves in the majority, it can feel hard to know what to say or how to support colleagues. It can feel uncomfortable. But inclusion is everyone’s responsibility and being an ally is an important way of using each other’s voices to support diversity in an organisation. 

So, today, in partnership with our affinity networks, we’ve launched an inclusion allies programme. We want to give our employees the opportunity to receive training on how to become a ‘super-charged’ supporter. We want our employees to feel as though they can support all of their colleagues, helping champion equality and respect, creating a welcoming and supportive workplace for everyone.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy

Launching our inclusion allies programme is just a small part of our diversity and inclusion strategy. Our vision is for Landsec to be an inclusive workplace where all employees can thrive and have a rewarding career. The diversity of our employees should reflect the communities we serve, and we must provide inclusive and accessible services for our customers and build inclusive relationships with suppliers. 

1) Build and maintain a diverse workforce and talent pipeline
  • Ensure the recruitment process is fair, diverse and inclusive 
  • Build a diverse talent pipeline
  • Provide inclusive learning opportunities for all employees
2) Embed inclusive behaviours and values into our culture
  • Support line managers to embed inclusive behaviours
  • Promote inclusive network events
  • Promote work life balance and wellbeing
3) Provide inclusive services for our customers
  • Inclusive and accessible design
  • Inclusive policies, procurement and practices
  • Supplier diversity
  • Wellbeing
4) Build an inclusive employer brand
  • Host and attend events that promote Landsec as an inclusive employer and customer brand so we can play our part in demonstrating the industry is a welcoming place for all
  • Enter appropriate industry awards/benchmarks


For our business, it’s important that diversity and inclusion is embedded in everything we do. We’re doing some good things already, but we have progress to make. Because when people bring their whole self to work, they perform at their best.