Waste management

We're constantly looking for innovative ways to engage customers and consumers to reduce waste, helping to reduce our consumption of resources whilst reducing operational costs.

We’re committed to sending zero waste to landfill and recycling at least 75% of waste from our operational and construction activities by 2020. We continue to divert 100% of waste from landfill and are close to meeting our recycling target, reaching 74.9% in 2018/19.

Landsec monthly portfolio recycling rates

What we've achieved

In 2018 we launched our ‘Refill Me' campaign to help tackle the issue of single-use plastics. The campaign allows guests at our centres to request a free refill of water, in their own bottles, from brand partners without an obligation to make a purchase. Not only does this encourage people to refill reusable bottles, but also provides an opportunity for our brand partners to engage with our guests on sustainability and demonstrate that they are a responsible company.

Brand partners who sign up display a refill me sticker in their shopfront with animated digital signage and digital logos available for centres to advertise the campaign to guests. Over 130 brand partners are now signed up across 23 of our assets. Customers involved include Pret A Manger, Itsu, Krispy Kreme, Costa, Pho, Nando's, Hotel Chocolat and Godiva.

This year we also worked with charity Hubbub at Trinity Leeds as part of the #LeedsByExample recycling campaign. That's seen us engage visitors at Trinity Kitchen with our recycling reward machine, which offers diners discounts in exchange for them recycling their bottles and cans. Through this initiative, we've now collected and recycled over 4,000 items.

Refill me
Refill Me in action

We’ve also been trialling coffee cup recycling campaigns at Gunwharf Quays and Bluewater, working with our customers and supply chain partners to find a solution for this notoriously hard-to-recycle product. We’ll be sharing what we learn across all Landsec destinations and the wider industry.

Three of our retail sites – including our newest development, Westgate Oxford, – use eco food digesters, which use the process of aerobic digestion to break down up to one tonne of food waste a day into wastewater. This process not only ensures no food waste is taken to landfill, but it also contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions by reducing the number of waste vehicles travelling to our centres.

Landsec Food waste graphic

Tackling textile waste

Fashion and textile waste is an emerging and increasingly high-profile problem. We aim to show that action can be taken to protect the environment without placing retailers under financial strain. We’re responding to calls from the government to place a levy on fashion items by mobilising an alternative plan focused on collaboration rather than taxation.

Our first response to the textiles issue was a trial scheme, ‘spring clean, think green’, launched in March 2019 at Westgate. During that time, we invited guests to drop-off used clothes and shoes for recycling, gave them information on the possibilities created by recycling and incentivised them through competitions. Following this trial, we’re planning to roll out textile recycling to other destinations.


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