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We’re committed to designing and managing our assets to enhance our customers’ physical and mental wellbeing, and to support their productivity.

Our award-winning workplace at 100 Victoria Street taught us the importance of designing for wellbeing and the effect it has on occupiers. We curated the physical space, workplace services and employee benefits to remove the barriers to an active, healthy and productive working day.

Taking these learnings with us, we’re now actively designing our future assets to support health, wellbeing and productivity for their occupiers and communities.


Our assets should be great places to work and visit. For an office, this means designing spaces to encourage physical and mental wellbeing, whether it’s through providing exercise space, places for quiet relaxation or high-quality cycle facilities. Where we build offices, this will be specified to meet health and wellbeing criteria under BREEAM and Ska rating tools. We also need to ensure that shell and core office construction specifications allow our customers to achieve WELL certification.

In retail, surveys tell us the interior environment is one of the most important factors in why our customers choose to visit. Creating the right conditions with the right mix of spaces is essential for creating an exciting and welcoming experience. We'll need to focus on lighting, indoor air quality, thermal comfort and acoustics, creating the right conditions for comfort. Designing for wellbeing is also about creating a great place to work, as well as to visit. This means designing comfortable space and amenities for retail staff as well as shoppers.

Designing space for health and wellbeing

Our 100 Victoria Street workplace

Our award-winning workplace is designed for activity-based working. We curated the physical space, employee benefits and workplace services to remove the barriers to an active, healthy and productive working day.

Promoting healthy lifestyles

  • Our employee benefits promote healthy lifestyles and include discounted gym membership, on-site yoga classes, free breakfasts and healthy snacks throughout the day
  • Our employees can chat with a GP through a new healthcare app, and we’ve trained mental health first aiders throughout the workplace
  • The workplace has an LED circadian lighting system which matches external light levels, and white noise machines to create a sense of privacy
  • The way we ventilate and clean our space is tightly controlled to keep the air free from chemicals.

Supporting activity-based working

  • Our new ways of working have increased productivity by giving our employees the tools and the spaces to do their job in the most appropriate way for the task at hand.
  • Our workplace has over 700 places to work from sit-stand and treadmill desks to quiet working booths and library spaces.
Activity-based working
Activity-based working at our head office

To help us to roll out our learning from our workplace, we’ve set new metrics to assess and design optimum air quality, daylight, lighting and noise factors, and to design and construct new developments for future WELL certification.


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