Strong corporate governance improves performance, inspires trust and is essential to Landsec’s long-term success.

Our Board

Our Board of Directors set the direction for our organisation. They oversee the implementation of our corporate governance through effective practices and processes that guide us to be the best property company in the UK.

In doing so we balance the views of our shareholders as well as our customers, employees, partners and communities, helping us meet the expectations of all of these groups.

Our Board and its committees are vital for us to meet current and future challenges. Their diverse experience, knowledge and backgrounds are essential to deliver well-informed responses to challenging issues.

They are also responsible for how we manage risk, setting our approach and agreeing our policies for health, safety and security and how we work with our suppliers.

Key matters for the Board include:

  • Authorisation of significant transactions in excess of £150m
  • Dividend policy
  • Internal controls and risk management (via the Audit Committee)
  • Remuneration policy (via the Remuneration Committee)
  • Shareholder circulars and listing particulars
  • Matters relating to share capital such as share buybacks
  • Treasury policy and significant fundraising
  • Appointment/removal of Directors and Company Secretary


A formal and rigorous evaluation of the performance of the Board, its Committees, the Directors and the Chairman is conducted each year.

Board evaluation cycle 2023