Managing Risk

We put risk management at the centre of our decision-making, assessing all the risks facing our business.

We believe that our agile approach to assessing both short and long-term risk makes us a more resilient business and puts us in a stronger position to embrace opportunities, deliver continued success and therefore to enhance shareholder value.

Risk appetite

The Board is responsible for defining the level and type of risk that the Group is willing to take and ensuring it remains in line with our strategy.

The Board regularly reviews the risk appetite of the business, re-assesses the information available and the risk factors that are relevant. This ensures our risk exposure remains appropriate at any point in the cycle and that risk is considered dynamic.

Our risk appetite is cascaded throughout the organisation by being embedded within our policies, procedures and delegated authorities.


The Board has overall responsibility for oversight of risk and for maintaining a robust risk management and internal control system.

The Board recognises the importance of identifying and actively monitoring our strategic, reputational, financial and operational risks, and other longer-term threats, trends and challenges facing the business. The Audit Committee supports the Board in the management of risk and is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of the risk management and internal control processes during the year.

Risk management framework

We have an established risk management and control framework that enables us to effectively identify, evaluate and manage our principal and emerging risks. Our approach is not to eliminate risk entirely, but to ensure we have the right structure to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities we face.

We focus on being risk aware, clearly defining our risk appetite, responding to changes to our risk profile quickly and having a strong risk culture among employees.

Risk management framework 2023

Insurance claims

Personal injury insurance claims should be processed via the Ministry of Justice Claims Portal.

Our insurers are Aviva and our policy number is 100618243 CLP. Our insurer’s representatives are Davies Managed Systems who act under portal ID D00151.


We have a specific policy and process that allow employees to report concerns about suspected impropriety or wrongdoing in confidence and anonymously. These include an independent third-party reporting facility, which can be contacted online or through a telephone hotline: 0800 0903 653