We create opportunities and inclusive places to change lives, supporting local communities to thrive.

At Landsec, we’re committed to creating a fairer, more inclusive economy by helping to address the needs of the communities we serve, and meeting the current and future skills demands in the real estate industry. 

Live well: targets and performance

Creating opportunities and tackling local issues

Targets and Metrics

From a 2020 baseline, empower 30,000 people facing barriers into employment with the skills and opportunities to enter the world of work by 2030.

2022/23 performance

3,012 people empowered includes:

• Total number of people supported into employment or received employability support: 1,021

• Total number of young people engaged through our education programmes and careers sessions: 1,991

From a 2020 baseline, deliver £200 million of social value in our local communities by 2030, addressing social issues relevant to each area.

£8.6m of social value delivered includes:

• Social value created through programmes focused on creating opportunities for people facing barriers and increasing employability skills in young people, and addressing relevant local needs: £2.3m

• Value of support for charities including; volunteering, fundraising, donations and in-kind contributions, such as space donations: £6.1m

• Social value created through our development activities: £285,811

Inclusive places

We will design, develop and manage our assets and new developments to be accessible ensuring everyone feels like they belong.

Launched our refreshed Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy: Diverse Talent, Inclusive Culture, Inclusive Places.

We are implementing a D&I procurement and supply chain strategy with three core objectives; increasing the diversity of our supply chain, improving D&I practices within our supply chain, and working with suppliers who can support us in delivering our strategy.

We have included specific D&I training requirements in contract requirements, made the latest guidance on designing for neurodiversity part of our design brief for a major wayfinding contract, and worked with our supply chain partners to develop a D&I plan for our Timber Square development.

New target: Actively recruit, retain and progress a diverse workforce at all levels and nurture and support diverse talent into the wider real estate industry.

40:40:20* gender targets and representative ethnic minority targets by 2030:
• Board (20%)
• Executive (20%)
• Senior Leader (18%)
• Leader (18%)

* Our 40:40:20 gender diversity targets mean that we will have a minimum of 40% women and 40% men in the relevant population. 20% is flexible accounting for the small headcount and diversity beyond the gender binary.

New target – performance to be reported next year

Improving wellbeing

Targets and Metrics

Promote a culture which enhances Landsec colleagues’ wellbeing, having relevant policies and delivering impactful campaigns.

2022/23 performance

We continue to respect and encourage the need for balance in all aspects of life, by supporting initiatives such our first Work Life Balance group, create by our Regeneration Development Team to gauge thoughts and feelings, and gather suggestions of things we could do to create the most effective work-life balance

This year we also created a new policy for colleagues going through pregnancy loss, with paid time off, and improved our policy on compassionate leave, which recognises the importance of close relationships outside of immediate family. We also created comprehensive guidelines on how to support colleagues through loss or bereavement, to equip our colleagues to do this in the best way

Achieve WELL portfolio programme annually for our directly managed office portfolio and new developments setting a baseline score against which we will aim for continual improvement

We submitted evidence for WELL portfolio certification for four assets; 80-100 Victoria Street, Dashwood House, Zig Zag Building and One New Change. We are also targeting WELL Equity certification for our managed offices portfolio. Additionally, across our development schemes, we’re targeting WELL Core Gold or above for offices