Embedding ESG

We're building strong relationships with our partners, customers, suppliers, communities and colleagues - developing plans so that everyone and every building has a role in delivering our sustainability vision.

Our sustainability framework, Build well, Live well, Act well (BWLWAW) is run business-wide, as well as at portfolio and asset level, helping us embed sustainability throughout the business. Across our operational portfolio, every asset has its own BWLWAW plan that identifies the ESG themes relevant to the site, and what it will do to support achieving our corporate ESG commitments and targets. 

This year, we published our Sustainable Development Toolkit, which provides a comprehensive guide for our development teams and external partners to ensure we design and develop our new schemes and refurbishments in line with our sustainability vision, corporate commitments and targets. It sets out a systematic approach for us to achieve sustainable development, culminating in a scheme-specific sustainability strategy and social-value strategy being developed. 

Ensuring every colleague takes responsibility for achieving our sustainability vision, we link a proportion of our remuneration to achieving our energy and carbon targets, and we ask 100% of our colleagues to set an annual objective demonstrating how they contribute to our sustainability commitments. 

This year we also launched our Introduction to sustainability training, to build sustainability capability and knowledge across our business. The course is mandatory for all colleagues

Collaboration is a key enabler of our sustainability framework and that’s why we’re building stronger relationships with our customers - listening to their views via surveys and interviews and taking action. We’re also working with customers to raise awareness and change behaviour on energy consumption.