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Are you considering a career in the real estate industry? Would you like the chance to develop your skills in an exciting environment? Our internships could be for you!


Landsec internships are exciting new opportunities to join our business with six months of paid work experience. It’s important to us that Landsec reflects the communities we’re part of, which is why our internships aim to give people who might not have previously considered working in the real estate industry the chance to start their career in our organisation.

Landsec Internships are entry level meaning it doesn’t matter if you have any work experience, what school you went to, or if you went to university. You might be at the start of your career, or even looking for a change in career. The placements are designed to build your confidence, transferable skills and experience in the world of work, while giving you the opportunity to contribute new insights and perspectives to our business.

Please note that Landsec Internships have eligibility criteria in line with our social mobility focus – you can find more details about this below.

What’s involved?

  • Six months of paid work experience starting in either spring or autumn.
  • The chance to build your experience and skills in a dynamic and inclusive FTSE-100 business, hosted in a specific team at Landsec, where you will work on exciting projects during your internship.
  • Training, learning and development opportunities to develop your skillset and confidence.
  • A team buddy and senior mentor to grow your professional network, alongside personal coaching.
  • The opportunity to join our diversity and employee networks.
  • London Living Wage salary of £23,933 (pro-rata for 6 months).
  • Landsec Internships are designed to give you the first step on your career journey in the real estate industry – please note that these are six-month opportunities with no guarantee of a permanent role at the end.
Rosa Yates

Read about Rosa's experience:

'I realised that my desired career path is possible, and my team and Landsec are happy to support me in getting as much experience as possible. And it's so important because, often when you don't see yourself in certain places you're put off entering.

The opportunity to be  part of the space that I didn't know existed or was open to me has helped me greatly, I really do appreciate it. The time, advice and support I have been given has made me feel welcome and capable in these spaces.

I think this leads into what can be changed in the industry, which is, genuine inclusion and opportunities for growth. Its result will take time, but as more people see it is possible they will believe it is possible for them too.'

Rosa Yates, Landsec Futures Retail Intern

What roles are available?

Our internship applications are currently closed, please check back in the summer when applications will open again.

Our internships aim to give experience in the diverse and interesting career opportunities within the real estate industry. Previous internship opportunities have included Communications, Portfolio Management, Retail Operations, Finance, Brand and Guest Experience.

Jennie Colville

Jennie Colville, Head of ESG & Sustainability:

"Landsec Internships are a brilliant way to build your work experience and we have lots of exciting opportunities to apply for. You don’t need any qualifications or previous experience to apply – we’re looking for enthusiastic people who are interested in joining the real estate industry to learn, get stuck in and make a positive impact in our organisation. If this sounds like you, we hope you’ll consider applying!"

Can I apply?

Landsec Internships aim to give you the first step on your career journey into the real estate industry. We’re looking for enthusiastic people who are ready to learn, get involved and make the opportunity their own. You don’t need to have any qualifications or previous work experience to apply for our internships, but you may be asked to demonstrate a good level of written and spoken English. If you haven’t thought about exploring a career in property before, why not give it a go – we’d love to hear from you!

It’s important to us that our business is more representative of the communities we’re part of, which is why we’ve designed the programme in line with the UK Social Mobility Commission Toolkit. For your application to be taken forward, you need to meet at least two of the following eligibility criteria.

Question 1: When I was aged 14, my parent or carer (main household earner) was one of the following:

  1. Someone who needed technical knowledge or specialist training to do their job, such as a technician, plumber, printer, electrician, gardener or train driver.
  2. Someone whose job involved routine or manual work, or provided a service to members of the public, such as postal worker, machine operative, security guard, caretaker, farm worker, catering assistant, sales assistant, HGV driver, cleaner, porter, packer, labourer or customer service.
  3. Unemployed and claimed Jobseeker’s Allowance (or unemployment benefit) for more than a year. 

If any of the above answers apply to you, and you answered ‘Yes’ to questions 2 or 3, you are eligible to apply.

Question 2: When you were aged between 11 and 16, did you attend a state run or state funded school (i.e. you didn’t have to pay a fee to go there)?

  1. Yes
  2. No

If you answered ‘Yes’ to this question, and you also meet the criteria for question 1 or 3, you are eligible to apply.

Question 3: If you finished school after 1980, were you eligible to receive free school meals at any point during your time at school?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I attended school outside of the UK and this does not apply to me. 
  4. If you answered 'Yes' to this question, and you also meet the criteria for question 1 or 2, you are eligible to apply. If this does not apply to you because you attended school outside of the UK, you should meet the criteria for either question 1 or 2 to apply – please contact us if you’re not sure.

Why do we ask these questions? 

We are committed to enhancing social mobility at Landsec to address a lack of representation by socio-economic background. Landsec Internships are designed to make sure people from backgrounds that are currently underrepresented within the real estate industry have the opportunity to gain work experience in our business, which is why we use the UK Social Mobility Commission Toolkit for our eligibility criteria. Please visit the Social Mobility Commission Toolkit for more detail on why we have asked these questions.

If you do not meet at least two of these criteria for the Landsec Internships, please visit our vacancies page for all other roles at Landsec.

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in applying for one of our Landsec Internships, that’s great! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Please follow this checklist to make sure you are eligible to apply and complete all the necessary steps:

  1. Please check you meet our eligibility criteria before applying.
  2. If you’re eligible, please follow the link to the role you’d like to apply for and fill out the application form.   You'll be asked to complete a short questionnaire to make sure you fulfil the eligibility criteria and we’ll also ask a few other questions as part of your application.
  3. Tell us why you’re interested in the role you’re applying for on the application form. Remember it doesn’t matter if you’ve got any previous work experience or qualifications – this your opportunity to tell us about you, your skills and interests, and why you think you would be a great Landsec Intern. If you’re not sure which role you’d like to apply for, you can let us know in the application form.
  4. Please contact us at if you feel you’d like any extra support or guidance with your application, or if there’s anything else we should be aware of.

From there, our team will review your application and contact you to let you know if you've been shortlisted. You can contact us at with any questions.

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