Annual Report 2019

Our 2019 Annual Report

Welcome to Landsec. We apply our expertise to create positive experiences for those we rely on, from our customers and communities to our partners and employees. By getting that right, we create long-term, sustainable value for our shareholders and physical and social value for our communities.

Robert Noel talks about our year
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Dividend up 3.1%


Adjusted diluted earnings per share up 12.4%


EPRA net assets per share down 4.6%


Total business return


Loss before tax


Social value created during the year

Experience matters

Our market

2018/19 saw positive economic growth but continued uncertainty over the nature of the UK’s departure terms and future relationship with the EU. Businesses and consumers have continued to spend and progress plans, but both groups appear to be deferring some decisions. All of this affected the dynamics in commercial property. At the same time, big drivers shaping our markets in 2019 included:

  1. Changing ways of working
  2. Changing ways of shopping
  3. Changing ways of living
  4. Changing ways of building
  5. Changing expectations around sustainability
Myo – our flexible office offering
Myo – our flexible office offering
Myo – our flexible office offering

Our strategy

We create shareholder and social value by providing the right space for our customers and communities so that people and businesses can thrive.

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Our business model

To create value we buy, develop, manage and sell property, drawing on a range of financial, physical and social resources along the way.

Our portfolio

We have a diverse portfolio of assets located in vibrant locations across London and the UK. Here’s an update on how we bought, managed, developed and sold this year.

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More on our business

Corporate governance

Strong corporate governance improves performance, inspires trust and is essential to Landsec’s long-term success.

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We work to turn our strategic objectives into tangible performance, using individual key performance indicators to measure progress.

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We embed sustainable thinking throughout the company. Our Social and Physical reviews highlight the breadth, depth and value of our approach.

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Investor Relations

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Edward Thacker

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Lan Stringer

Investor Relations - equity

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