New sustainable toolkit for developments

We recognise the importance of creating sustainable value and building a greener, fairer society that works for everyone. After all, the buildings and construction industry alone accounts for almost 40% of all global emissions so it’s important we play our part.

Our new toolkit

As leaders in our sector, we have a responsibility to champion best practices and set a standard for others to follow when it comes to tackling key issues, like climate change and social inequalities. One of the ways we’re doing this is through the launch of our new Sustainable Development Toolkit which is aimed at internal and external development teams, as well as any prospective customers or consultants. 

The toolkit translates our Build well, Live well, Act well sustainability framework into a comprehensive guide to ensure that we design and develop our new schemes and major refurbishments in line with our sustainability vision, corporate commitments and targets. 

Community Charter

Sitting alongside our Community Charter, which we launched last month, our Sustainable Development Toolkit also supports on the creation of individual Sustainability and Social Value Plans for our developments – maximising the positive impact we have in our communities.


We expect our toolkit to evolve over time to reflect changing standards in society, the environment and the economy. We will continue to engage with our external partners to make them aware of any material changes ensuring we continually strive for the highest sustainability standards.

Read the full toolkit here.