Let Nature In

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Nature plays an essential role in our lives

Nature is not a luxury but a necessity for equitable, resilient, and thriving cites. It’s the answer to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Nature can be one of the best lines of defence against climate change and improve our quality of life.

As one of the UK’s largest developers, we know that we can play a meaningful role in improving nature in our cities. We believe that nature and urban developments need to co-exist.

We are working to Let Nature In

Our new nature strategy will bring more nature into our cities.

We’re letting nature into the design, development, and management of our spaces. We’re improving biodiversity; promoting health, wellbeing and community engagement by creating green spaces; and creating nature-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

We know this will create benefits for the natural environment and for all those that live, work and play within our spaces. 

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Nature strategy cover
Nature strategy cover

Our principles

We acknowledge that the benefits from nature are numerous for both people and planet and that’s why our approach to nature goes beyond simply delivering biodiversity net gain.

We deliver our vision focussing our actions around three principles: