Delivering on our social value commitment

At Landsec, our ambition is to deliver positive impact in our communities, creating opportunities for local people to ensure we have an inclusive industry with the skills we need.

Today we’re launching our social contribution 2020 update report.

Our new report gives an update on our performance in the first year of our corporate commitment: to create £25m worth of social value for our communities by 2025 through our four social sustainability programmes: employment, education, charity partnerships and volunteering.


Our commitment is to create £25m worth of social value by 2025


Amount of social value we created in 2019/20, the first year of our target

Social value

Social value is the positive impact a business has on its local community through its actions. We measure the social value we create through our work to quantify the difference we’re making, in financial and non-financial terms. Reporting our social value means we can assess how our work contributes to the long-term wellbeing and resilience of individuals, communities and society as a whole, focusing our activities to where we can have the greatest meaningful impact. 

Read our report for the full overview of our programmes, more information about social value and how we measure it, and case studies of the people we’ve supported. We've also created a video which brings to life our commitment and explains how our programmes are helping us deliver against this. 

Adapting in response to Covid-19

This year, we’re continuing to work towards our social value commitment, working with our customers, partners and industry to create opportunities for people in our communities, which we know is needed now more than ever. In response to Covid-19, we’re adapting and innovating to help us reach some of the most excluded groups in our society, especially those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

This will ensure we can have a sustainable positive impact on the communities in which we operate, now and in the future.